Windshield Replacement



While windshield repair is the most cost effective approach, it is not always an option.  Chips and cracks larger than a quarter require a full replacement.  If you find yourself needing a new windshield, call on the A-Team to get your vehicle to like-new conditions.  We use some of the best parts and adhesives available and never take shortcuts like some of our competitors.  Many places out there leave the cowl and wipers on to save time. They may even reuse your old moldings instead of replacing them. This leaves you with an inferior installation that may cause problematic leaks and noises.

 The adhesives used for auto glass replacement vary greatly in quality and safe drive away times.  Safe drive away time is the amount of time your car should stay off of the road before it is safe for you to drive.  Our urethane has a thirty minute safe drive away time.  That means thirty minutes after we set the glass it will sustain a full roll over without the glass coming loose.  When the glass comes out in a wreck the chances increase that you or your most precious cargo can be ejected too.  Our adhesives are Original Equipment on 90 percent of the cars and trucks produced in North America.  If your manufacturer uses these at the factory don’t you think your replacement company should too?  As with most things in our world, you get what you pay for.  Don’t let a low price fool you into thinking you are getting the same finished product.