Windshield Repair


Rock chips are hard to avoid.  Rocks and loose debris are commonplace on our highways.  Even the most cautious drivers will eventually get a rock chip that requires repair.  When this happens it is important to get the chip repaired in a timely fashion.  This is important to ensure that the chip doesn’t run out and turn into a full replacement.

There is no magic wand that makes a rock chip completely disappear.  Windshield repair is more of a structural process than cosmetic.  Every chip repair is different and every repair will have varying cosmetic results.  Many factors like size, age, and type of break determine the way your repair will look after completion. The important thing is that the repair will keep the chip from becoming a crack that requires a new windshield. Our repairs are guaranteed to stop the damage where it is or we will take the cost of the repair off the replacement price.  We use some of the best resins and repair tools when repairing your glass.  Our trained technicians can get you back on the road in about 30 minutes for a fraction of the cost of windshield replacement.